newbie cardio/bulk confusion

  1. Question newbie cardio/bulk confusion

    hi guys. im 5'10" and 157lbs. i could really lose fat.

    ok, "conventionally", i'm told to do a 30 minute cardio, then lift weights. and before I do cardio, make sure I eat something.

    then i read some articles about not combining cardio and weight lifting. why though?

    my Main aim is to have a healthy heart & sweat and lose fat.
    second aim is to build some muscles. Not big, but maybe a lil bit like the attached photo would be awesome

    1) So the real question is, if I were to do cardio and lifting on the same evening, what do i do first? Do i eat between cardio and lifting?

    2) Do I have to focus on only one group of muscle per workout day, like some articles I read ? (example, Day 1 = arms, Day 2 = Chest , Day 3 = Butt , Day 4 = Abs, Day 5 = Shoulders etc...)

    Any advice appreciated !
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  2. alright i could have done without the j/k. well here's the thing i recommend. cardio after lifting. even better if you can do fasted cardio (30-45 minutes) in the morning, then eat right away, if fasted is not your thing due to being hungry then eat a piece of wheat toast or something to knock the edge off your stomach, then do cardio. if you can not do the morning thing, then in the evening, lift for no more than 1 hr. and do, again, 30-45 minutes of carido. mix up your cardio too if you can. some people can not run or do stairs etc. i suggest you find 2-4 different cardio exercises you like to do (cardio typically is boring) and mix them up. do cardio everyday if you can, switching up the intensity. some days i have a lot of energy after lifting for cardio and some days not, i utilize my energy to tell me how intense my cardio sessions will be

  3. almost forgot. if you wind up doing the above routine, drink BCAA's during your w/o or take some right after you lift before cardio.

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