how often do you guys change your split?

  1. how often do you guys change your split?

    i don't really like changing my actual split around since i found one that i actually like more so every 4-6 weeks i change the exercises and order or when i do them around

    do i really need to change the days of which i do the bodyparts?

  2. I do it when I get bored with a routine or when I have a major schedule change. I always change up the volume and lifts from session to session, but my actual split may change month to month.
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  3. Usually I change it month to month, but I usually give every routine about a month because thats when you will really start to see results. If it is working, then I probably won't change it up until my gains start to go stagnant.

  4. Ya month to month seems like the best way unless you find one you really like i get bored with same routine every day for 3 months so i usually do some minor changes like maybe do chest/tris instead of chest/bis for example.

  5. I vary the exercises on each individual day, and usually change my split every 6 weeks or so.

  6. i've been instinct training for the past 4 months or so i change it every week. i am maintaining weight but don't really notice any gains. pumps are awesome but gains have slowed! i wanna grow so i will be reverting back when my next cycle starts. i like the simplicity of a scheduled's one less thing to worry about.

  7. i change when i stop gaining.

  8. I usually change mine every 6 to 8 weeks..


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