done with my break; here's my 3 day split

  1. Post done with my break; here's my 3 day split

    Just got done with a nice relaxing break. And halfway through I started using Swole V2. Seeing amazing results from it being that its only a creatine...

    but here's my 3 day split for the next 6-8 weeks or so; its heavily IA influenced, it has alternating exercises for every week
    Lots of work on Day 3, but its short sets except for my back which i've found grows better with slightly more volume

    Day 1: Chest, Tris
    Decline Bench or Heavy Dips 3x10
    Shoulder Press DB or BB 2x10
    Close-grip Bench or Skullcrushers 2x10
    Lateral Raises 2x10

    Day 2: Legs
    Squats 3x10
    SLDL 3x10
    Calf Raises 3x20
    Deadlifts 2x10
    Forearm stick or Wristcurls 2x10

    Day 3: Back, Bis
    Chinups or Pullups 2x10
    Incline Curls 2x10-12
    Hammer Curls or Reverse EZ curls 2x10
    T-bar Rows 3x10
    Seated Rows or Bent-over Rows 1x10
    Standing Rows 2x10

  2. Bean Nice split , very short but good. I wonder on legs day , why you using stiff legged deadlift and deadlift, is that a rotation routine , 1 day you do SLDL and one regular deadlift?

  3. Regular deadlift is maybe for lowerback and SLDL is more for hams? Just a guess.

  4. yup bingo; i'm not good at deadlifts either; havent ever done them with consistency; so i'm going to change that and work on my form and my lower back at the same time

    and my SLDL style that i use is a very wide stance and sticking my arse out as far as i can while standing on a long tall block of wood... i can feel the stretch bigtime in my hams and they have grown a lot since i changed over from regular SLDL; a side benefit being that i dont feel a thing in my lower back when going heavy

  5. Wow bean SLDL and regular Deadlift on same day plus squat, that's a lot of taxing in a day.

  6. Bump on Raul's reply. IMHO, it looks as though everyday has a bit too much volume for you being an ecto. Let us know how it works though.

  7. looks really similar to mine except i put deadlifts on back day cause thats just too many big movements for me in one lifting session. But if thats what u like by all means do it

  8. I see what you guys are saying about the deadlifts n stuff... maybe i should alternate deadlifts with squats or something eventually

    hows it too much volume on the other days? day 1 i cant see... but day 3 i sorta can; but remember one of those exercises is one quick set and thats it...

  9. I would remove the Standing Rows but that's just me, and leave the rest as it is.

  10. I would reduce the stiff legs to 2 sets and do them every other week, or just pick SLDL's or regular deads. Squats, SLDL's and regular deads on the same day is asking for trouble in a bunch of ways. All that rowing is redundant on day three unless you KNOW your back needs the extra volume. Other than that it looks fine.

    Iron Addict

  11. well the standing rows are generally for my rear delts too; since i dont get a good workout on them on shoulder day... think i should toss in some rear delt raises on day 1?

    revised Day 1:
    Decline Bench or Heavy Dips 3x10
    Shoulder Press DB or BB 2x10
    Close-grip Bench or Skullcrushers 2x10
    Lateral Raises 2x10
    Rear Delt Raises 1x10

    revised Day 2:
    Squats 3x10
    SLDL or Deadlifts 2x10
    Forearm Stick or Wrist Curls 2x10
    Calf Raises 3x20

    revised Day 3:
    Chinups or Pullups 2x10
    Incline Curls 2x10-12
    Hammer Curls or Reverse EZ curls 2x10
    T-bar Rows or Bent Over Rows 3x10
    Seated Rows 1x10

  12. No Bean , you will work your rear delts enough when you do heavy Bent Over Rows and Deadlifts, remove that rear delt and you are set bro. As long as you keep adding poundages on those exercises (Deadlifts and Rows) your rear delt will be targeted just fine Bean, that would be my choice.

  13. wow... deadlifts at even a lightweight wore me the **** out

    glad i listend; no SLDL or Deadlifts on the same day... i'll alternate between the two... damn after 3 sets of squats; i did sets of light deadlifts and damn they were tiring... my back was sooo tired; not a hurt tired but tired tired... never felt that before... hopefully my back grows some along with the rest of me

    after all that my head is swimming; feels like i just got done with a set of 20rep squats...

  14. Only good comes from deadlifts. Good for hormones jsut like squats are. Good for grip. Great for overall back development. And deadlifts also help squats so legs will benefit also.

  15. What I meant about LaCour and Willet is that they are two of the biggest liars in the sport. Natural my ass.

  16. Err sifu , you sure you posted in the thread that was supposed to?

  17. Dammit, I can be a dumbass sometimes.


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