Wrist Problems

  1. Wrist Problems

    Hey everybody, about 3-4 yrs ago i was doing cable wrist curls and did something to my wrist which caused a pain in my wrist whenever i let go of a weight or any curling type exercise. It got to the point where it hurt when taking my shirt off, I stopped lifting for two weeks and my wrist got better. Although, even now whenever I curl or even bench press I still get pressure in my wrist when i let go of the barbell/dumbbell - especially heavy curling. I was wondering if any of you guys had the same problem and can give me advice on what to do. In addition, i have started to take calcium pills even thought I would assume the wrist would be a joint problem. I would greatly appreciate it.

  2. have you bothered to go to a doctor?

    you may want to experiment with cissus before that if you believe its not that serious

  3. i have not gone to a doctor because I do not believe it is serious, it does not bother me at all unless it is a heavy curl/ or hip rep kind of thing. I've just always believed that maybe it was just I have weak wrists

  4. I get this at times too although not as serious as you. I started wrapping my wrists with wrist wraps on all presses and curls and haven't had a problem since.

    Although I messed up my left wrist recently trying to find my max on DB Snatch and it won't heal so today I used my boxing handwraps and I wrapped it up good with no problems.

    I'd say try wrist wraps first and see how helpful they are. If those don't work I'd definitely suggest seeing a doctor.

  5. Tendonitis?

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  6. Quote Originally Posted by lciaccio View Post
    have you bothered to go to a doctor?

    you may want to experiment with cissus before that if you believe its not that serious
    Dr. to avoid further injury.

  7. I recently had to take a couple of weeks off of training as well do to wrist pain. I went to my chiropractor and had a couple of adjustments done on it, icing it and wrapping it when lifting have help out immensly, I have also been taking cissus for a couple of months now. I am now pain free when lifting though I do wrap my wrists when I lift. Definitely go get it looked at to ensure you haven't done some serious damage to it.

  8. thanks everybody for the help, I am going to goto the doctor this week but i just feel like the school doctors here will just tell me to stop lifting when I know this does not heal it. In addition, I recently have started to wrap my wrists and while it helps a tad bit, the overall change is nothing. I'm just going to the med center and see if they have a sports doctor of the sorts.

  9. have you tried the wrist guards or wraps or whatever?

  10. yea recently i haved and while it eases the pain when I let go of the weight somewhat, I still find it highly unsuccessful in helping me

  11. so the pain doesnt come from movement but rather the weight being placed on it?

  12. yea, while I go through the movements of lifting the weight I do not feel pain, I do somewhat feel pressure in the wrist, but I do not get the pain until I release and put the weight down


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