My routine has gotten pretty stale even with changing exercises and rep ranges, I'd like to do a full body 3x a week routine. It would be MWF, Mon. and Fri. would be the main days, and Wed. would be a lighter day so I can recover. I would do no legs on W but 15 min of cardio or sprints, just switching it up. Here's what I'd like to do, working in the 6-8 rep range with all exercises except arms/forearms/calves iso work:
Flat BB Bench
Bent Over Single Arm DB Rows
DB Military Press

Wed(light day):
Cable Crossovers
Lat Pulldowns
Bent Over DB Raises(for rear delts)

Incline BB Bench
Upright Rows
Weighted Chin ups and dips
Straight Barbell curls and close grip bench

Something like this would be ideal for me this semester, I'm taking 5 classes and I have 2 jobs so a routine like this would save me time. I'm tired of doing splits, my body responded very well to full body 3x in high school, I'd like to come back to it.

Thoughts? Suggestions? All appreciated.