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  1. Westside is much, much different from strongman training. Westside was designed to increase the strength in the 3 main powerlifts: squat, bench, and deadlift. It can be tinkered to accommodate a more athletic type of scheme and some of the principle are very important.

    Crossfit will help with endurance, there is no denying that, but you said you wanting strength and power. I have yet to see a crossfit'er put up some big numbers in the gym (I really don't care how many reps of 95-135 C/P you can do, lifting big makes you strong) and there are an abundance of them at my gym. One of my training partners swears by the basic crossfit principles, lower-weight, high-rep stations, and he ends up gassing out because of the overall strength difference. I am may be in better shape than someone, but, if they're physically stronger than me, then I will get worn out trying to overcome them (paging Robdog...)
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  2. As well don't be afraid to sort of mix and match different elements.

    As far as hypoxic drills I do hypoxic swimming drills quite a bit. 50m laps and take 1 breath per stroke the 1st lap, then 1 breath per 2 strokes, 1 breath per 3 strokes etc. pyramiding up to 12 and back down.
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