Well I've been bulking since september or so, managed to gain about 24lbs, with a good bit of it being LBM. But my bf has shot up to around 13% and well Its starting to make me uncomfortable. So I'm gonna do a mini-cutting cycle, 4-5 weeks or so. I'll run maintence calories for a week or two so its not a huge shock to my body. Then cut at around 350 calories under maintence. My cutting supps are pretty basic, fish oil, homemade EC and some green tea thats about it. I tend concentrate on my diet while cutting, works well for me. My diet will be high protien mod fat(lots of olive oil), low/mod carbs(cycling wo non-wo days)

My training will go as follows:
Monday - Chest/tri/shoulders

DB Flat Bench 2xfailure
Dips 2xfailure
Military Press 2xfailure

Wednesday - Legs/Abs

Squats - 2xfailure
Calves - 3x15
weighted crunches 3xfailure

Saturday - Back/bis/traps

Deadlift - 2x3-5
Bent over rows 2xfailure
BB Curls 2xfailure
Shrugs 2x10-12

As for cardio, I dont know if I should start off with low intensity cardio or jump right into HIIT(I love it). I figured I'd start off with 1-2 cardio sessions and bump it up to 2-3 as needed.

Another thing, I work as a busboy at a busy resturant on thur/fri/sat/sun nights, my shifts are between 3-6 hours of running around non-stop, I dont want to lose all my muscle. While bulking I would eat fruit(we've got a frigde full) and I'd also bring a weight gainer shake to drink half-way through my shift. But I havent figured out a good solution for cutting yet heh.

I was thinking a regular shake + milk and maybe some olive oil? or should I toss some carbs in there since 5-6 hours running around will leave me in a fat burning state regardless of carb intake(reasonable intake )