Who has had tendinitis/tendinosis and recovered?

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    It did go away with a time period of about 2 months. Just like what dbinmd said, you have still workout that muscle a little bit, just not all out, because if u stop the muscle, tendons and ligaments get weaker. I believe that if you get hurt, workout but not a 100%.
    I stopped with mine and I noticed its always getting re injured because its weak. Thats why I started legs again, no pain no gain.

    The doc told me they could do steroid shots in my legs to increase muscle growth and strength, but it runs a higher risk of rupture during the healing time.

  2. I have it in my elbow. Both actually. It flares up from time to time and goes away. It's been an on and off thing for years. Some workouts aggravate it more and I have to stay away from them others don't affect it so much. I've noticed if I take alittle extra time to warm up it helps. Pain can be very severe at times. It all started in high school. I spent like all day arm wrestling my friends and my elbows have been messsd up with this tendinitis ever sense. Honestly most of the time it doesn't bother me tho.

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    I am certain I have tendinosis or itis and wondering who had had it and how long it took to recover? Did you workout the same, modify, or completely stop. How was the progression to recover? Did you ever recover? PLease share your knowledge to help me out on my road to recovery. Mine is in the wrist btw.
    Ive had it bad tendinosis my elbows from 2005- 2010. I got it better though friction massage, active release work, ice friction massage. there are many ways to get it better breaking up the scar tissue.

    Upper body completely stopped for a year.
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  4. I had tendinosis in both shoulders but not anymore.

    One day I had really bad shoulder pain during a workout. Shoulders hurt for about a year until I got help. It would hurt to raise my arms overhead or to close my window in my bedroom (internal rotation movement). Got an MRI, orthopedist said the tendons were close to 50% frayed.

    Went to physical therapy for about 2 months twice a week. Got stretched, massaged, electro-stim, got iced, did band exercises for rotator cuffs and back/upper back.

    A couple times a week at home I did all the band exercise, and a few stretches such as chest, which helps the shoulders somehow.

    I couldn’t believe it but the pain diminished over the 2 months until it was 95% gone.....which is when I stopped PT. Still did band exercises for a while, stretches, and only lifted in the 15+ rep range for upper body.

    Been pain free for 2 years.


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