So what are the best doughnuts?

  1. So what are the best doughnuts?

    Is Krispy Kreme the hands down winner? I would suggest yes, they are so sweet. lol
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  2. The ones you don't eat.

    The run of the mill rainbow sprinkle donuts are my favourite.

  3. That is a tough one... Personally living in Michigan I have been to several great donut bakeries based on where I am at. TO ME the mom and pop bakeries or up and coming local donut shops hands down have the better donuts. But in a clutch situation Krispy kermis are absolutely f**king delicious!! But ill take local shops any day, example in kalamazoo Michigan theres sweetwaters donuts, Ypsi has Doms, its an endless list haha donuts are also one of my top guilty pleasures haha
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