Competitors over the past few weeks...

  1. Competitors over the past few weeks...

    We've had a busy few weeks.

    John Simmons Classic we had:
    -Yousif win open Classic BB class & overall and novice Physique class & overall.
    -Nicole took 3rd in class Novice Bikini and 5th in class open Bikini.
    -Devin took 7th in class open Classic BB.
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    Grand Rapids Championships:
    -Josh won the open light heavyweight and overall BB title.
    -Dakota took 1st in class novice Classic Physique and 2nd in class Classic Physique Name:  IMG_8913.jpg
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    Finally the NPC Novice & Michigan State Championships.
    -Jeff 2nd in Open BB middleweight
    -Jake 1st in Open BB lightweight class
    className:  IMG_8892.jpg
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    We also work with lifestyle:
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  2. Congrats to everyone!

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