Suppremacy issues

  1. Suppremacy issues

    Last Thursday placed an order in Suppremacy and my credit card was charged yet my order has been stuck in the dreaded "awaiting fulfilment" stage. After multiple phone calls I was unable to reach any company representative and even left a voice mail. I guess the "ships same day" tag line us incorrect in my case. Has anyone else ran into issues with them recently?

  2. not to worry, you will get your order--just not when you thought. they don't do real time inventory tracking, so you can't tell if anything is actually in stock. the best way to contact them is through their online form or email.

    Having said that, it IS annoying that they have really dropped the ball on customer service! However, they do have the best prices by far.


  3. Have you tried emailing them? That has always worked for me in the past when I needed to get in contact with them. [email protected]

  4. Thanks guys. After a few phone calls I just went the email route instead and got a rather timely response. I guess the phone number on their site is outdated or out of order.

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