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    Im looking into taking an LG Science stack. There are a few different options (Methyl Masterdrol V2, GH, Methyl 1-D, I-GH-1, Formadrol, etc.) Im looking to put on a little bit of weight, get me defined, increase vascularity, decrease some fat, and just stay hard and lean. Any one have input on past experience with LG or can anyone just suggest what they think is best here.

  2. For what you are looking for our Potent M1D/MMV2 stack would work wonders! Combine that with Formadrol Extreme for PCT and some PSarm and wow. Lean, hard, vascular, and jacked!
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  3. use both formadrol and psarm for pct? or can i just use one?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by srocco112 View Post
    use both formadrol and psarm for pct? or can i just use one?

    You can use just the formadrol definately, the stack would keep the gains going.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  5. I'm pretty sure Nutra Planet stil has the Formadrol/pSARM deal going.
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  6. Quote Originally Posted by Distilled Water View Post
    I'm pretty sure Nutra Planet stil has the Formadrol/pSARM deal going.
    hell yeah, why would you not want to use the psarm- it comes free with the formadrol.

  7. and now, does m1d and mmv2 affect you sexually? while im on this stack am i not gonna be able to get hard haha?

  8. does m1d and mmv2 come together in a pack? because im having trouble finding it. or are you talking about buying both bottles individually? if in that case, which would i want to run alone, because i cant afford to buy both individual bottles

  9. i believe they both come seperate. I know it gets expensive but if your going to do it, do it right. save up until you have enough for all of it. doing stuff half ass, only gets you half ass'd results

  10. but im going to save up, then have money for a cycle, then be done and have to drop almost 100 again. iv been reading about people taking one or the other. any input?

  11. what about m1d and gh?

  12. Like they said dude. wait for the stack, you wont regret it. Of course its gonna be expensive. But pay what, I think its 30 or 40 bucks (if not more) for M1D, however going the extra mile will benefit you more. aka spending the extra on the MMV2 and keeping most of the gains with formadrol.

  13. ok so stack m1d and mmv2 for however many weeks, then cycle formadrol and psarm as pct for about 4 weeks after, then a break?

  14. yeah def. man. I'm sure the reps can help more with a stack for you. I was told to up the doses on the MMV2 to 6 caps a day. However maybe with your weight you might want to stick with recommened doses. Also bro how old are you, if you don't mind me asking?

  15. lol now back to my question earlier, how does it affect you sexually?

  16. Quote Originally Posted by srocco112 View Post
    lol now back to my question earlier, how does it affect you sexually?
    Most people are reporting sky high libido.

    One stated "I have been walking around with a salomni in my pants"
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  17. ok , then my mind has been made up. only, i may start with just one at first cycle. mmv2 or m1d

  18. depends what your looking for, to choose between the two.

  19. very lean, very cut, add just a few pounds, and strenght...from what i hear mmv2 is preferred.

  20. haha. yeah dude as I was reading your reply i just said to myself he better pick MMV2.

  21. ok so mmv2 for a cycle the formadrol and psarm for pct afterward

  22. um. definetly would be a good idea to run the formadrol, although I'm not sure about the Psarm if not taken the stack M1D and MMV2. But thats just because I havent read and researched much on the psarm.

  23. can someone else elaborate here?

  24. pSARM is PCT!!!! It's similar to MMv2 in what it brings to the table. Its non-hormonal and natty test boosting machine. It's great when using on a cut!
    Serious Nutrition Solutions Representative

  25. FYI - MMv2 supposedly converts to DHT.

    I'm starting week 4 of MMv2 at 6 caps/day. I have leaned out and maintained weight while on it. I have had no sides wrt high BP, prostate, or acne. If anything, all of those things have gotten better while on... clear skin, better BP readings (by 20 pts.!!), etc. I've also been in a GREAT mood the majority of the last 3-4 weeks. Great mood, great energy!

    Only neg. sides I've experienced were a possible receding in the hair line (but, I've been going bald for long time, so this may be natural progression), and a hit to my endurance (cardio)... it seems tough to catch my breath sometimes. And, my knees ached when doing longer runs, so I just do sprints now. Also, my libido seems to have taken a hit, which is odd considering most report an increase in libido. I have been in a great mood w/ plenty of energy, but I don't even feel like jerkin' it. Weird.

    I plan on running Formadrol Extreme standalone for PCT.


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