BCAA'a and ZMA

  1. BCAA'a and ZMA

    When is the best time to take BCAA's?
    I have been taking them before my workout and after.

    Best time to take ZMA?
    I have been taking them before bed. But, is it best to take them RIGHT before bed. Or can i take them before "sexy-time" when i know im going to bed right after?

    Has anyone else ever had this problem: I have difficulty swollowing my BCAA pills. I dont have any problem with taking any other vitamin or pill. But with these, sometimes i can feel them stuck in my throat for a while and no matter how much water i drink i cant get them all the way down. A few times i have actually burped like a half hour or less after taking them and the f***ing powder came out my mouth. Which then led me to throw up because it was distugsting.

  2. First thing I thought when I read this. But I feel a little nice today.

    As for ZMA take about 30 minutes before bed on an empty stomach and avoid anything containing calcium.

    For the size of the BCAA pills....switch to a drink its a whole lot easier.

  3. avoid eating anything with calcium in general like throughout the day? or just within that last housr before you go to sleep at ngiht??

  4. Within that last couple of hours before bed. I recommend milk through out the day its a good cheap source of protein. And you need calcium.

  5. oh yeah of course

  6. Also ZMA is safe to take at an early age right? It is not going to screw up any production of test at the age of 20 is it?

  7. Quote Originally Posted by srocco112 View Post
    Also ZMA is safe to take at an early age right? It is not going to screw up any production of test at the age of 20 is it?
    Nope, if anything ZMA should help normalize your hormone levels if you have a deficiency in zinc or magnesium which is more common than many people realize.

  8. ok good thank you

  9. ZMA is fine for you its just minerals that are in your normal vitamins

  10. Go buy some bulk BCAA powder and maybe some Xtend for flavoring. It will make a world of difference compared to gagging BCAA pills.

    Nutraplanet has a good deal on Xtend and bulk BCAA.


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