Noob Needs help with supplementation

  1. Noob Needs help with supplementation

    Hey all, just browsing for some info and came across this site and thought damn...why couldn't i have found this earlier. a little background, i am 31, an ex army ranger that never really had to weight train or supplement before. Just now deciding to get my body back in shape and then some. Been doing P90x regimen for over a month now and love it. it's getting me back into shape, but i want to maximize my resistance days so that when i am done with it i can go right in to a weight training exclusive workout. I'd like to add some lean mass in the 15-20lb area and cut body fat. SO. my workouts look like this so far

    Monday-Chest, Shoulders, Tri/abs
    Weds-Back and Bi/abs
    Thurs-Yoga (don't laugh..that **** is
    Fri-Legs and back/abs

    i do that for 3 weeks and then a recovery week of mostly cardi/core work then switch out chest shoulders tri' for chest and back and back and bis for shoulders and arms, and then back again

    my diet right now is ok..which is what i need some good advice on and hope you guys can help

    breakfast-egg beaters, or hard boiled egg whites, turkey bacon fat free cottage cheese, oatmeal with scoop of whey, or wheat pancakes. Multivitamin

    snack-nitrotech protein bar

    lunch-something like grilled chicken salad or lean meat on wheat

    snack-some type of carb/protein like the south beach bars or yogurt/fruit

    preworkout- resistance days novapor and the amplified creatine 189

    postworkout-another creatine pill, whey shake

    dinner-93/7 lean turkey burger, steamed veggies cottage cheese

    snack-oatmeal/protein shake or veggies

    Based on the above..can you guys recommend any diet changes/supplements to help get the most out of my really isn't an object. If its good its good..i'll pay for it if it works..
    Thanks in advance

  2. welcome to AM!

    supplements: stick to the very basics for now!

    creatine mono for pre and post workout (works and it's cheap)

    fish oil

    you might also try some of the anabolc pump, it's a great product and there's an awesome deal on it at Nutraplanet right now. neovar is also a great .

    I wouldn't worry about the NOVapor...waste of money in my opinion.

    after you get into it and start plateauing then I'd look more into the supplement market.
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  3. you can also never go wrong with BCAA's!
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  4. the anabolic pump and neovar basically the same thing? what type of routine? as far as the creatine mono, anthing special? brand or stack? i've heard some load and some don't? do you just take on resistance days and don't take on off? or keep on taking it even on off days? Is there a protein supp i should take to build mass? thanks for the help

  5. I've heard of BCAA's never really read up on them, i know they are aminos, but what exactly do they do, i know one is leucine, and that keeps you anabolic..but where can i find it?

  6. Bcaa's help with so many things, from helping you to stay more anabolic to aiding recovery and more. Google is your friend as well as the search button, you'll find plenty out. As to where to find it, it can be found in protein shakes (good ones) and seperate supplements, or some pre and post workout supps. Enjoy!


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