Modify BCAA plan?

  1. Modify BCAA plan?

    About to buy 500g Leucine and the 1016g Xtend. Was going to approach my workout like:

    1. 2 scoops Xtend, 1/2 consumed pre-workout, other 1/2 consumed intra-workout+4g Leucine
    2. 2 scoops Xtend consumed post-workout+4g Leucine

    More leucine? Less?


  2. That seems good to me

  3. Looks good. I do something similar, but I use larger amounts post workout. I do 10 grams of BCAA+ 2 scoops Xtend post. Mixes better with half apple juice and half water.

  4. Sounds good, thanks.



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