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    I am 27 and although not new to working out, i am pretty clueless when it comes to supplements. I get the basics for the most part like what each category of supplement is supposed to do but not really the best way to stack them. I am currently using LG's stack of Methyl 1-D, Liquid Masterdrol, and I-GH-1. I am also using Receptor (as i heard it would magnify everything) and Slin, both from LG. These are working pretty good and I am two weeks into them. About a week into them, I decided to buy NX Labs', Ripped stack which on the label is pretty self explanatory. Should I have waited until being done with the LG stack to have started the Ripped stack? Are these two in any way canceling each other out. I am reading more and more and seeing stuff about "mini-cuts" and realize I don't know what the hell I'm doing. Are you supposed to bulk up, cut, bulk up a little more, and so on till you get to your ideal body? If anyone could fill me in I would appreciate it. Oh, and if there are better stacks both for lean muscle and cutting fat.

  2. Creatine is one good thing to take with most things while bulking. I've tried stacks, some prohormones, and nothing really quite does anything spectacular. Use those supps on top of a strong diet, and as long as that's in place, you'll see some good results. Strong diet meaning lots of protein from shakes, meat(fish is great for that, and lean), carbs and fats to burn through workouts, etc. I'd eat ~5 meals/day, about 4-5k calories totall, and as long as I was working out, I gained 2-3 lbs pretty lean per week. Besides the diet, I just took creatine and protein shakes. Taking the hardcore supps, I saw only minimally different gains from that. Diet is absolutely key - anything you take on top will boost you some - just don't leave diet out or it all goes to waste. Hope that helps some.

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