bulk x-factor misdosing?

  1. bulk x-factor misdosing?

    I've been dosing 10 grams bulk x-factor using a very slightly rounded teaspoon (~2.5 grams each) 4 times per day for 28 days. i looked in my container today as I thought it looked a little low and it turns out that there is only 7 days worth of AA left. I honestly can think of no reason for this...when i received it, the container wasn't completely filled to the top but that happens a lot with supplements so i thought nothing of it......has anyone else had this problem?

  2. Your rounded tsp sounds like it was probably more like 3g than 2.5g. Multiply that by 4 times/day and it adds up. Do you have a digital scale to check if your rounded tsp if 2.5 g?

  3. no but i think i'm gonna go use a friend's scale tonight to see what it adds up to..... using 3 grams a day would add up to around 40 days so it could possibly be that...

  4. The density listed on the side of the container is usually rounded to the nearest 50 mg, so if 1/4 tsp = 750mg or so, it might be up to 25mg in either direction, and multiply that by 4 is your error margin per teaspoon.

    That's why I typically cap my powder, and I weigh the powders on a digital scale. It makes it easy because even if my desired dose is something like 100mg, 100mgx50= 5g, and my scale is good to 0.1g.

  5. where do people buy all this bulk stuff?? serious question

  6. Quote Originally Posted by just93 View Post
    where do people buy all this bulk stuff?? serious question

    board store boss


  7. i think i'm just gonna order one bottle of x-factor to complete the cycle.....it'll add up to around 65 days which isn't too bad and prolly throw in act x with it too.

  8. Quote Originally Posted by just93 View Post
    where do people buy all this bulk stuff?? serious question
    Right here http://www.nutraplanet.com/product/n...500-grams.html

  9. wow...i hate bodybuilding.com now...you guys rule, ur soooooo much nicer..they are like a bunch of kinder gardeners. lol wioth all that flaming. thanks you just saved me 30$$$$

  10. Guess you'll break even after you send me the $30 fee I charge for directing you to the super sweet store that is NP

    Joke, but seriously NP is an awesome place to order from

  11. agreed


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