Strength > Size stack (Activate Extreme + Hyperdrol X2 + Bad Ass Mass)

  1. Strength > Size stack (Activate Extreme + Hyperdrol X2 + Bad Ass Mass)

    My goal is to increase strength and the mass will come along with those gains.

    I tried Activate Extreme + Powerfull before and I liked AE more than pFull. This time around I plan on using 2 bottles of AE at 6-8 caps a day. (8 on training days 6 on non training days) Im also adding Hyperdrol x2 at 4 caps a day and Bad ass mass at 2 caps.

    It's probably going to end up looking like this...
    ~50 caps per week of AE for ~4.5 weeks
    28 caps a week of Hyperdrol x2 for ~4 weeks
    14 caps a week of BAM for ~4 weeks

    Im 6'2 225 just trying to get up to 235-240 and break my bench plateau (315) and squat (BS 460 x 3) and deadlift (TB 565 x 6) rise

    What do you think? probably going to order supps on mon., using the weekend to do som research

  2. im actually leaning towards a LG Psarm + Formadrol Extreme + I-GH-1.

    Im not really expecting much out of IGH-1 besides better sleep it comes free with the formadrol extreme. So it seems to be a good idea.

    Im going to dose FE at 4 caps per day for ~4 wks but with Psarm im just going to mess around with until i find an optimal dosage with minimal stomach efx.

  3. Let us know how it works out for you !

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