Hey guys,

I have recently returned to anabolicminds.com after a long period of time. When I was more active I did my research and planned a future cycle. Just want your input and opinion plus if any new better products are out that I haven’t heard of I'll be happy to hear about any suggestions again haven’t been researching in a while, any thing is much appreciated sept the usual sarcastic BS!

8 week cycle JW + X Factor + RPM
PCT – Mass FX (new version) + Cycle support + PWO Drink preferably an N.O
I have 10mg tamoxi pills just incase .

Should be simple and sweet.

Objective: gains\ bulking
Age 23
4 years lifting
Weight 175
Height 6’1
BF% – unknown
Diet – 3500 cal

Other supps: muscle milk & bcaa’s