New Version of Methyl 1-D?

  1. New Version of Methyl 1-D?

    Hi! A couple of weeks ago on another online store i saw a new version of LG Methyl 1-D. In place of ATD there is the ingredient of Arom-X by AMS - 3a-Hydroxyblalblalal, you know and some changes in the supportive matrix. When will this new version become wildly available and can you explain more?Thanks!!!

  2. well the estrogen complex is the same thing that is in formadrol extreme...if i have this correct (eric please correct me if im wrong) the 3a version of androsterone is slightly anti-estrogenic...

    This new verison of M1D looks very very should help very well...especially since u can use it for 12 weeks...

    i have actually started a thread about this a long time ago because it seems like all the LG products have some sort of androsterone in it and it wouldnt make sense to take this (MMV2) and then use FormadrolExtreme as a PCT...but both products work FANTASTICALLY!!!

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