phera/sd bridge clean bulk help

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    phera/sd bridge clean bulk help

    hey guys im 22 years old 6'0 and 190 pounds im currently cutting for the next 4 weeks using clen, to get to 7-8% bodyfat for summer.. i am successfully using carb cycling to get there... now in july i will be doing a pp/sd stack for 6 weeks with furazadrol or a clone to hopefully gain 10 pounds of lean muscle.. i will watch diet very carefully and will probably eat more carbs during the pheraplex for 3 weeks then slowly go less with supedrol.. i know sd loves carbs but when i ran a cycle in the winter i gained some fat with it ....

    my diet in the beginning will be about 350 grams of protein... 200 grams of carbs.. breakfast, pre post workout all of them.... and about 100-150 grams of fat....

    cycle layout is like this

    pp 15/30
    pp 30/45
    pp30/45 sd 10/20
    sd 20-30
    sd 30

    i would hope to be at around 200 pounds with still 7-8% bodyfat and my diet will be great as always... any one please give me some input

  2. try posting this in the steroid section, you'll get your answers there

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