Stack to put on size!

  1. Stack to put on size!

    I am looking to put on quite alot of size while eating well, training hard and supplementing. Just wondering what people think of this stack and if they have made gains of similar.
    Superpump250, SizeOn, Plasmajet and Anabolic pump. any suggestion welcome?

  2. I consider all NO products to be a waste of time in the long run to put on mass. Just upping daily calorie intake, 1 gram of protein per pound of weight, and five grams of good ol creatine mono. Mix that with plenty of recovery time between workouts, and of course sleep, you will see the best results.

  3. Yah the best mass stack chicken, eggs, fish and lean beef.
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  4. But when you get the blood in your working muscles flowing this means more of the nutrients from food get to the muscles.

  5. AP or YG, Lots of meat and carbs, SizeON or Neovar( or any creatine), Rest, Hard workout, Pre-wo if necessary ( ragnarok, RPM), also if your trying to gain mass take 2 grams per pound of bodyweight, and i would also recommend BCAA/EAA's and beta alanine

  6. also take a multi based off whole foods (the whole foods allow for a much quicker absorption)

  7. If you truly have training and dieting down check out X-Factor-Drive-RPM stack. At least check out X-Factor, you could also go with bulk AA from nutraplanet which is a little cheaper. It creates an inflammation response from training so you get gains like when you first started lifting. If you have been training for a while I think this should be the corner stone of your stack. Anabolic Pump is another great product to put on size as long as you are eating right with it.
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  8. Quote Originally Posted by Jacob View Post
    But when you get the blood in your working muscles flowing this means more of the nutrients from food get to the muscles.
    The blood's already flowing dude; N.O. products will provide more of an immediate pump, presenting the sensation of progress - you "feel" like lifting is making you bigger immediately. But, in reality, as long as you have a caloric surplus and positive nitrogen balance (sometimes there are exceptions to this, but nothing you need to worry about) you are going to get bigger. And, as you lift, your muscles respond to the stimulus by more actively seeking nutrient uptake as they are burning off their energy stores - your nutrients won't have any trouble getting where they need to go.

    To gain "a lot of size" just takes proper diet, dedication to lifting and maybe a couple basic supps - Fish Oil, Multivitamin, maybe one "brand name" supp of your choice, Creatine, protein and your set. Honest - gained 45lbs of muscle in two years right here doing just that.

  9. Hey pmiller with the x-factor, rpm and drive stack what gains did you make and in what sort of timeframe.


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