10:1 Nettle Root or 95% Nettle Root?

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    10:1 Nettle Root or 95% Nettle Root?

    What is the difference between 10:1 nettle root and 95% nettle root?

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    Quote Originally Posted by pitbull800;
    What is the difference between 10:1 nettle root and 95% nettle root?
    10:1 means you need, say, 10g of raw powder to produce 1g of extracts. Or 100g raw powder for 10g extracts. The ratio is 10:1. There may not be a precise reference to any extract here. 95%, on the other hand, should refer to a particular extract, such that every gramme or milligramme of nettle root has been standardized to contain 95% of the particular extract.
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