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    Has anyone tried the Zero impact protein by vpx?. They remade the formula and it is gaining alot of momentum from what I hear. The zero impact bars are pretty good I have used them when im pressed for a quick meal. Im my experiance vpx and cytosport always make quality products they are brands that you know you can trust.

  2. The protein is too sweet and tastes like sour milk to me. I just bought a new container (although do not know which formulation I got), and I had to give it away. I could not stomach it. I love VPX products in general, but this protein powder and the Redline Princess are too darn sickly sweet. Blech! What a waste of money.

  3. I just got a new tub of VPXs graham cracker Zero Carb Protein (not Zero Impact, which I haven't tried) and I really like it.

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