Activate Xtreme / Hyperdrol Stacking Questions

  1. Activate Xtreme / Hyperdrol Stacking Questions

    I'm going to run Activate and Hyperdrol soon. I have 1 and 1/2 bottles of Actiave Xtreme to dose 6 caps ed, and I have 1 full bottle of Hyperdrol. How should I run this? Should I just start both AX and Hydrol day 1, or should I stagger, like... run Hyperdrol solo for first week to boost test, then add Activate, run together for 3, and then run Activate solo for the last week?

    How should I do this? Thanks!

  2. age, height, weight, bf% thanks.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by Big BAMA View Post
    age, height, weight, bf% thanks.
    24, 6'0, 205, 12% roughly

  4. You might need to get more Hyperdrol, I didn't notice anything with it till the second month. A cycle like this needs at least two months worth IMO.

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