Hows My Stack look...

  1. Hows My Stack look...

    Gaspari Nutrition Super Pump 250
    Palo Alto Lab's Levithian Reloaded
    Molecular Nutrition X-Factor
    ON 100% Whey
    NOW Adam
    Universal Animal Omega

    Does it look solid or anything needed to be added or taken away i just wanna put on lean mass while cutting weight right now im at about 12% bf and i wanna get to about 10 to 9 % bf while still keeping all the strength ive gained
    Thanks in Advance

  2. with superpump and LR you might be overdoing it on caffeine. I would probably go with a caffeine free Ragnarok or something unless you have a high tolerance to it

  3. possibly overdoing the caffinex2

    My thoughts:
    -check out your levels of caffine, access your comfort zone
    -make sure you keep a good carb intake
    -product wise looks solid my man
    I havent tried all the products but, i have read great stuff about all. All in my opinion are respectable and decent companies good luck! you should log it when you decide to start!
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