Another stack for you to critique.

  1. Another stack for you to critique.

    This is a new stack im working on.

    Diesel Test Hardcore
    Diesel Test Extreme
    Mass FX
    Anabolic Pump

  2. oh wow...that is alot of money ull be spending for all that...

    i would personally do an 8 week cycle of

    also might want to get massfx and/or powerfull...

    good luck

  3. wow yeah this is a lot of supps, im curious though too.... how would just hyperdrol DTH and mass fx be? Why exactly do u have the inhibit e though?

  4. Thats a massive stack (verging on the characteristic of just throw everything in so it has to work). Have you used any of the above items, because you won't be able to differentiate what you are responding to most positively.

    I would cut it down a little bit.

  5. yeah i would get rid of the powerfull, hyperdrol DTE and inhibit E

  6. Yea I would think you would be very solid if you broke up any of those similar brand supplements and ran them individual (Diesel, AX, USP). After running them solo you can stack and build off of them.


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