Swole V2 Stack

  1. Swole V2 Stack

    Ive been looking for a good stack to add to swole v2 and this is what i came up with...

    Swole V2, R-ala(100mg), Alcar(500mg), Biotin(1 mg), Universal Gh max(As directed on label), Lysine(1 1/2 grams), Citrulline(1 gram), Vitamin C(500mg), Bioperine(5mg)

    ok i know some people would say drop the gh max.. basically im using it for the Arginine pyroglutamate since 1 bottle has 150grams of it.. its actually cheaper than buying the powder from BAC and its got okg and other stuff as well so i think it would be a good addition.. also the lysine is in there cause from what ive read lysine will up the effectiveness of Arginine pyroglutamate almost 10 fold.. and no they do NOT compete for absorption.. only L-arginine competes with lysine.

    so my plans were on workout days to take this stack one before workout and once probably before bed since thats about 12 hours apart for me.. then non workoutdays id just take it once mid day.. accept with the gh max the serving is 6 pills and the recommended dosage is 4 tabs before workout and 2 before bed.. then non workout days 2 3x a day.. so ill probably dose that the way its suggested and add everything else with it.. .. overall its not the cheapest stack.. its looking to cost about 50-60 for 30 day supply but i think it should work well i dunno its worth a shot.. any comments let me know.. once i get all the stuff and start it out ill keep a log
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