Cutting Stack

  1. Cutting Stack

    I have been looking all over the place and I seem to be hitting 1/2 that it has real ephedra and I have also heard that it come's with the part of ephedra that isn't really active for thermogenic use.

    I like the ingredient profile of this lipodrene and was wondering if it isn't effective as a thermogenic can I just add some bronkaid to it and use that as a fat burner.

    My stack that I want to use is.

    Lipodrene with bronkaid
    Dicana and Vaporize

    I will also be using extra hoodia and fishoil before eating.

    Pre-workout I will use Cordycep powder/ 2 testabolan pills
    During workout I will use Scivation X-tend w/Bulk Beta Alanine.
    Post workout I will finish my X-tend and eat a meal.

    Pre-Bed- I will be taking Testabolan

  2. I tried Lipodrene and it was good for well over an hour of cardio. The second or third day was better than the first, and I sweat more while on it. As far as curbing your appetite, no dice there. I ate like a hog after a long training session.

    Most reviews i've read were good, whether it's thermogenic i dunno but effective yes. It doesn't work miracles but it's good.

    Watch your heart rate while doing more intense cardio

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