thoughts on this stack..? PLEASE

  1. thoughts on this stack..? PLEASE

    I just finished a stack of havoc and propadrol. next month I want to try some of the newer supps that I've been missing out on. You guys know more about these supps than me. I respond well to creatine too guys. My stack looks like this. drive, diesel test hardcore, purple wraath, and Cr2 by (ALRI). What do you guys think. I'm just lookin to keep my workouts up and gain a little mass/trim fat. If you guys were to throw in anabolic pump or powerfull what would you take out? if anything? would retain2 or be needed for this as well?

  2. I'm 6ft 215. been liftin and takin supps off and on for 9 years. I respond well to creatine products and tried purple wraath once and loved it. I would enjoy a test booster and something to help me maintain focus and mass as well.

  3. Coming off of a cycle I like to run minimal supp's for a little while to allow my body to normalize.
    With that in mind What you are planning sounds about right.

  4. yeah, I was thinking about 1 month after my PCT. does that sound about right. If not I'll go 6 weeks off, just protein daily.

  5. Remember Cycle+Pct= Time off.

  6. If creatine works for you then keep taking it, add the DTH and maybe some beta alanine. No need to go overboard on the supps.

  7. i've never used an ethyl ester. although I know the benefits from this form of creatine, does anyone have any experience with it vs. the vitargo, sizeon. and if so what brand, I chose ALRI because they are a promising company.

  8. Just buy it in bulk from nutraplanet. ITs all the same, well there are quite a few diff types now but you know what i mean.


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