Current Progress with Sizeon, Purple Wraath and Superpump 250

  1. Smile Current Progress with Sizeon, Purple Wraath and Superpump 250

    ok so two weeks ago i started a new supplement and training regime. I was previously doing a 5 day per week single bodypart per day regime utilising medium weight and 8+ rep ranges. I was on a low carb diet and only using Reflex Peptide Fusion protein as my suplemment.

    I got on a full on mass gaining diet and 5x5 3 day per week regime and have in the last 12 days added a stack of Sizeon, Superpump and Purplewraath to my pre and intra workout regime. I have also been using Reflex Instant Mass gainer twice per day along with my new diet.

    How ive been taking it:

    1.5 scoops Superpump with water and a small pasta/chicken type meal approx 40 mins before workout.

    1 scoop Sizeon + 1.5 scoops Purplewraath mixed with water. Sip on my way to the gym (10 minute walk) and drank throughout workout constantly topping up with water.

    Initial Thoughts:

    1) What the hell! The tub of Superpump only seems half full! Does this product do this when it settles or have i been bumped big time? The sizeon container was almost full to the top as was the purplewraath but superpump only 50% full? hmm

    2) None of the supplements mix particularly well. Superpump needs to be constantly stirred but still leaves a bit of white residue at the top. Purplewraath and Sizon are the same but i just dump them in the shaker and give it a shoogle before i sip it. I think the more water i add the better. Leaving the mix in the fridge for a couple hours doesnt really do much to help.

    3) Taste - Superpump in orange - Is ok, not great. Kind of like orange cremola foam. Almost a bit fizzy. I just chug it.

    Sizeon and Purplewraath - both have that fake grape taste which is nasty but i sometimes add a serving of real purple grape juice to help the taste. At the end up, if they do the job i could give a damn how they taste.

    4) Any noticable side effects while taking?
    Well superpump didnt live up to its "superdump" monicker which i was happy about. No bowel issues here! I think eating a meal just before drinking it helps.
    I have noticed that i get a bit jittery and shaky once the superpump kicks in. The effect can last well after the workout and has caused me a few sleepless nights so far, even when i cut back the dose. I think purplewraath gives me ass breath, at least my girl says so! No issue with Sizeon.

    Any Noticeable Results So Far?

    Well, i have to admit im a bit shocked. I dont know whether the supplements have contributed to this or whether i was always capable of the lifts, i just needed the extra stimulation to perform them... but all my lifts are up by a minimum of 20lbs!!!

    I couldnt believe it!

    I knew id lost a lot of strength on my carb cut and medium weight workout because a guy my size and weight shouldnt have trouble benchin 200lbs but i could barely rep 180lbs for 5 a couple weeks ago.

    Yesterday for fun, AFTER i did a 5x5 on flat bench (210 max) i went over to the seated press and repped 235lbs for 3.

    My bench has been the strongest gainer so far but i have gained greatly on squat too which suffered majorly after my last regime.

    I never used to do Deadlifts but have put them in as a staple of the 5x5 and im doing around 110kg just now for 5 reps. I think i can add to this in the next workout no problem.

    Rows im doing around 200lbs for 5 reps up from 175lbs.

    Like i said, i dont know whether its my new diet, my strength building regime or the supplement stack im taking but im definatley making progress in a pretty short amount of time.
    My chest and quads are looking a lot bulkier and my girlfriend has noticed she finds it harder to wrap her arms around me these days lol!

    So would i buy these supps again? I would say so! I get a great buzz from the superpump and it really psyches me up. The sizeon and purplewraath dont have the same effect as superpump but i feel stronger and i recover faster during my workouts. I also feel like im throwing more plates on than i used to in every workout.

    Im going to run this stack for a couple months and see if i can get to 220lbs. Im currently 6ft 2 and 196lbs:dl:

  2. whoa i just realised im up 6lbs in weight woohoo

  3. I pooped my pants frequently when I used SuperPump250.

  4. apparently your not the only one. Its to do with the magnesium content or something but i knock it back after a small meal with pasta or rice and it doesnt upset my stomach at all?

  5. yeah I heard it was b/c of excessive magnesium. They even acknowledge this GI distress issue on their FAQ section. Allegedly they fixed this problem, but I have not tried it out since the last time.

  6. seems to me they have fixed it. I started reading about this unfortunate side effect after i ordered and for want of a better word i "crapped my pants" at the thought of constantly er..crapping my pants! But nope not even a whiffy fart!
    Its good stuff and i will buy it again!

  7. Quote Originally Posted by ReaperX View Post
    I pooped my pants frequently when I used SuperPump250.
    Thus the name of SuperDump 250.


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