DMSO for sciatica?

  1. DMSO for sciatica?

    I've been reading up on DMSO and found that it could help with sciatica
    I would like to know if anyone here had tried it for a pain killer. I see that I can get it in cream, gel or roll on @ 70% DMSO or pure 99.9% DMSO any ideas on what one to try out. Can you use the 99.9% on the skin or would it burn to much.

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  3. I use the 70% gel for joint/tendon pain.
    Good stuff.

  4. i've been having SI joint problems too, but what I've been reading is that pain killers are just patching it up, you need to get to the root of the problem and figure out what's causing it, I'm pretty sure in my case it's a difference in flexability between my left and right hamstring, thought it could be hip flexor related too, if one side is tighter than the other your hips tend to get rotated and can put lots of pressure on the SI joint, see if you're prefectly balanced flexability wise and make sure to work your hammy's/hip flexors somehow, mine already feels a bit better after 2 days, hopefully it's gone in a couple weeks

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