Anything Wrong..

  1. Anything Wrong..

    With stacking fenugreek, r-ala and anabolic pump ?

  2. The R-ALA and AP shouldn't be used together.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys


  3. they say not to put them together.... but I do.. and it works well.. if not better.. soooooooo

  4. R-ALA may not effect the Anabolic Pumps ability to drive glycogen into muscle cells but it can hinder Anabolic Pumps ability to do so without fat accumulation.

  5. well again... thats what they say... but I have been messing around with different stacks.. and I find that r-ala seems to lessen the effect on adipose storage as well as increase the effect of muscle glycogen storage based on my results... but if you want to believe the marketing as fact... that works too..

  6. Why would USP Labs marketing impact my decision to dose R-ALA with AP, I would still be buying the Anabolic Pump? Also since r-ALA doesn't have the same means of activating muscle glut4 without also activating glut-4 on fat cells I don't know how it would be all that beneficial (unless your taking it for antioxidant properties)

  7. well the marketing has gotten you to believe that this is actually the case.. that glut4 in muscle is the only glut4 activated.. and glut4 in adipose is not activated... I think the ingredients are awesome... but from what I have seen (on myself and many others) - this is much a marketing ploy. The compounds do work to an extent but r-ala seems to be good to stack with it... contrary to what they say.. I don't want to get into it right now.. but you can't believe everything that you read.

  8. Ok you missed my point, USP Lab doesn't market to not take r-ala with AP (not just r-ala but all insulin potentiators,) they just suggest it since it can hinder Anabolic Pumps positive effects on fat accumulation. Your still purchasing the Anabolic Pump in both scenarios so marketing is taken out of the equation... Now if you were using solely r-ala then yes one could make the suggestion it is a marketing ploy. This however is not the case.

  9. haha ok I think I understand what you are saying... no biggie.. I just think that with them put together... they will really enhance the GLUT4 expression in muscle and negate the effect in adipose... I really like the results from both together... as opposed to separately


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