1. Nitro-Tech

    I ran out of whey and needed a quick fix the nitro-tech was the only stuff the exchange on base had to sell it was a little expensive. Does anyone know if this product is any good and does half the things it says it will haha???

  2. next time just buy some tuna or something, save your money till they have something cheaper

  3. Yup thats what I figured.....I hate muscle tech I always have hey but what can ya do yanno

  4. there's nothing wrong with nitrotech....other than the fact that its retardedly overpriced. I prefer the 6 lb bags of eas at sams club for 30 bucks myself.

  5. Yeah I need to get a sams club membership I didn't know they sold whey and stuff what else to they sell that might be worth buying?

  6. huge bags of skinless, boneless chicken breast, big bags of salmon, talapia, and cod......I buy all of my fish and chicken there, but even if i didn't the protein would pay for the membership by itself after a few months


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