NOexplode Stacking

  1. NOexplode Stacking

    Hey all,
    Ive been using no explode and CellMass for about 4 weeks now, and the result are great. Now I bought MRI NO2 Black(pills) awhile back, and was wondering if they are similar to NITRIX by BSN, and would it be safe to stack all 3 (NOexplode, NO2 Black, and CellMass), and what would be the best way to go about, any input would be great.


  2. yea no2 black and nitrix are the same type i would think you could just substitute the no2 black in for the nitrix if it also works with the directions for the no2 black

  3. Yea dude, read the bottle, NO booster your fine!

  4. Using those products in conjunction with P-Slin for nutrient uptake might interest you. The synergy of the stack would really be the only reason for me to start taking an NO product.

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