Ordering supplements ... please help.

  1. Ordering supplements ... please help.

    hi ...

    my wife asked me to get her a supplement and I figure I'd stock up on somethings as long as i'm paying for delivery. I'd like to get suggestions from the experts.

    i want a "light" (not thick) weight gainer that doesn't taste awful (is one exists). Maybe a protien/weight gainer.

    protein bars or any good snacks?

    i liked this super pump 2500 pre work-out drink. are there any better?

    anyway ... i appreciate the feedback.:donut:

  2. I always say make your own gainer, but that option isn't for everybody

    In your case, you might like Real Gains by UN (http://www.****************/product/u....html?sel=1599 ). There's also a smaller tub, not as economical though. The flavouring is pretty good, and the protein is high quality with some casein mixed with the concentrate and isolate.

  3. steveoph made a nice suggestion there..

    as for pre workout, just get a kilo of creatine mono, some bcaas, and RPM and you should be good dude.. And it'll last quite a while.

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