First Timer seeking advice - 5 10, 148lbs

  1. First Timer seeking advice - 5 10, 148lbs

    So here's the deal...
    22 yrs old
    5 10
    145-150lbs (currently 148)
    best guess 9-11% body fat

    The Goal...
    Looking to get to and maintain 153-157 by end of the year without taking too many supplements, and I cant stress this point enough, no creatine (just a personal pref)

    Ive played soccer all my life and still do, so cardio has never been a problem. I am very happy with my strength to weight ratio, and probably 80% satisfied with how I look in terms of tone (will post picture soon).

    So the challenge for me is actually putting on that weight, most I've ever weighed is 153 and that was at end of my senior year of college, so we're all well aware of where that weight came from. 2 weeks later I was down to 143 because I started running.

    Current regiment consists of lifting 3-4 days a week, cardio the same, but again, most cardio is done through soccer 2-4 days a week, I'll run or ride the bike if I have a static week for soccer.

    I usually lift the following muscle groups together-
    Mon - Chest
    Tues - Bi's
    Wed - OFF
    Thurs - Shoulders/Tris
    Fri or Sat - Back
    Sunday - OFF

    Notice that I do not lift legs, I've never lifted legs as I've feared losing speed in soccer, which being 5 10, 148, small framed is clearly my advantage over others who are 30-40lbs bigger than me on the field.

    My best guess is incorporating a leg day into my regiment would be very beneficial as I'll more than likely gain a majority of my target 7-10 lbs through growing my leg muscle mass.

    Current eating habits/Supplements...
    Being a small framed 5 10 148lb fella (through extensive research on the web) I should be consuming roughly 2800-3000 calories a day in order to maintain, and an additional 500 to gain. Honestly that is tough for me to do as I work (just like tons of others) in an office 8-11hrs a day. I've done a fair amount of research on the foods that yield highest protein amounts, best carbs to consume, etc. and in addition to that I was taking WPI (all the whey) on a regular basis, typically just once a day. Today I moved the the whey protein blend instead and am also trying out NO2 capsules to see if they produce results.

    So for anyone who actually read all of this, I'd hope some of you did, please offer some advice in terms of achieving my goal...reiterated below...

    Current - 5 10, 148lbs, 9-11% body fat
    Year End Goal - 5 10, 155lbs, 7-9% body fat

    WITHOUT TAKING CREATINE, and keeping the supplements to a minimum (I'm already hesitant to take these NO2 pills)...what does everyone think?

    Appreciate the help.


  2. Well from the sounds of your post you currently aren't hitting your adequate caloric intake for growth on a daily basis or your just starting to. If you are agaisnt trying creatine at this point than I would suggest you stick to the other bases of protein powders, a quality multi vitamin, and EFAs.

    Really you need to nail in your diet if you want to pack on mass (3500 split into 5-6 meals to start off with than up as you gauge your progress.)

    You won't loose speed by training legs and as long as you stretch you will be fine. Plus when you train legs you get a spike in GH levels and test levels (big compound exercises are great for this.)

    It really seems like you already know what you got to do to grow, just got to go out and get it done.

    Also if you don't mind me asking why are you so against taking creatine? (creatine is much more useful than NO2 pills or any N02 product for that matter)

  3. I appreciate the regards to the creatine question, just seems like everything I've ever hear about it from the get go has been negative in terms of what happens when you stop taking it...i dont know, if a credible source convinced me otherwise, I'd certainly try it.

    tell me a bit more about EFA's...if you dont mind

    and also, a 3500 calorie diet, would you be able to provide me with a 24 hr example...i.e. meal 1, 4 egg whites, wheat bread w peanut butter, etc.

    if not its cool, I'm in the process of building a new diet anyway, just always looking for advice.

    thanks again.

  4. Creatine is 100% safe if taken responsibly (which is not hard at all.) Just look at the logs and info on here and you'll be convinced it is a safe and effective supplement (all that jazz you heard back in high school from the health teacher is bs, believe me I got it too.)

    EFAs are just essentially fatty acids. Your local grocery story will carry Omega 3 fish oil pills and they are all you need.

    As far as the diet outline goes its up to you really. Just come up with the macros you want and divide it up evenly throughout the day (a 40/40/20 split of protein carbs and fat is the general rule of thumb.) Also in the nutrition forums theres tons of people outlining their diets so I would rummage through that.

  5. sounds good. i'll read up a bit more about creatine and i'll work through some other people's diets in building my own.

    i'll keep posting as I progress.

    thanks again.

  6. I would definitely agree with the comment about leg training especially squats, those are not only going to make you bigger but faster too, look at top athletes they can definitely run faster than you or I and they also squat alot more too. I play both soccer and rugby, and like you didn't train much legs since I figured I was doing enough running, I've started doing alot of lunges and squats and its made a huge difference.

  7. yeah i figured...and actually toward the latter part of '07, for about 3 months, I moved from where I am now (philly) to florida...reason I'm mentioning this is bc since I moved to a place where I knew absolutely no one, I dedicated all my time to working out, INCLUDING lifting legs. I drastically improved my diet and only took WPI.

    I actually saw results in about 4 weeks and sustained results all the way through my 3 months there. Went from about 142 to 149 and I felt stronger, bulkier, etc. Lifting legs definitely helped alot.

    Since I moved back to philly in November I've maintained, but again, I feel I can get to 155 by year end for sure, especially with some help from protein blen, efa's, NO2 (maybe), and creatine (still not too sure about this)

    If you don't mind me old are you/height/weight etc.

  8. All right this will be real simple if you listen to me. If you want to gain weight its not that hard. First off don't take anything to serious its just weight lifting, not really life threatening if you gain 10 or 2 pounds. Next don't listen to the guys on here with $40 haircuts, and where sandals to the gym. These are also the guys that spend more time finding which supplement is going to add "50 pounds " to there 150 bench. Work everybody part, and hit compound exercises. When I say compound exercises I mean squat, bench presses, deadlifts, overhead presses, barbell rows thats what build muscle. Next eat, stop being a puszy, and stop eating for 150 lbs, and start eating for 200. Dont be scared off food number one of the important chart. Next any azzhole can have a six pack, starve your shelf, and run. But building mass is different, working out intill u pass out, eating intill you puke now this is whats challenging. Dont get caught up in the hype, and youll be good. Mark


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