Hello Everyone-

Today I just finished a 40 day unsponsored log of 11oxo & AMP with great results. It really turned into a great Recomp! My weight didn't change (from 237 to 237.5) but I dropped 2lbs of bodyfat, added 3lbs of lbm and my bodyfat % went from 16.7% to 15.7%. Strength improvement really surprised me. My bench at the start was 275x5 reps and I hit 295x6 reps (also 315x4) by the end. As you can guess, I'm very pleased and will likely run this again this summer. In the meantime...

I have a bottle of Hyperdrive 3.0 & Lean Xtreme on the way. I plan to use Post Cycle Support with this stack. Any suggestions or thoughts?