Whats stack should I use??

  1. Whats stack should I use??

    Hey all. I am looking for a new stack to take. At the moment I have been taking Size On and Dymatize which worked ok. I now am taking USP Lads Powerfull and AP. I read some were that Size on and AP dont mix?? Is this true. If so what else would be a good replacment.
    Any help would be great.

  2. Devil is in the details my friend.

    How much do you weigh? Whats your height? Body fat ratio?

    Whats your target?

    And whats your wallet size?

    Also in the end 75% of the work will come thru diet and exercise and only 25%(if that) will come from supplements, so dont have false expectations.

  3. I am 189lb. 6"4. Workout 3 days a week. Wanting to bulk up to about 220lb. Eating 5 meals a day.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by wjr View Post
    I am 189lb. 6"4. Workout 3 days a week. Wanting to bulk up to about 220lb. Eating 5 meals a day.
    It seems you are in late 20s. Here is what I would do.

    For starters set yourself a realistic goal. Right now your goal is 220 pounds, a whopping 31 lbs of gain. It either wont happen or will happen with tons of fat, you want neither. Start with a short goal. 200 pounds is very reachable and you can try to target it in a year, of course the earlier the better.

    5 solid meals a day is a great thing. If you can eat clean and good nothing can top that.

    Supplements wise here are what you need:
    1) Creatine with Beta Alanine
    2) BCAA's
    3) Protein supplements
    4) Multivitamins
    5) Ancillary Supplements like Test booster
    6) Post workout.

    Now a lot will depend on your budget. I see you mentioned a few supplements but no post workout supplement as such. This would be the key since you want to gain weight. Get a good source of fast acting carbs - Dextrose, Maltodextrin, Wamy Maize - and consume it mixed with some Whey Protein Isolate.

    That would be recommendation number 1. Recommendation 2 would be to have 2 solid protein shakes loaded with good fats - olive oil, almond oil etc. You need good fat in your body to bulk up.

    AP is good, not so sure about Powerful.

  5. and then on top of that ^^^^^^^ the next step is patients lots of it and dedication!!!

  6. I have the same body type as you. 28, 6'4" @ 197lbs currently. Powerfull works great with me....especialy stacked with supercisuss!! Size-on is good, but not good enough to be worth the money IMO. Do lots of squats/leg press! You will gain alot of muscle fast in your legs. Im assuming you have chicken legs lol....something I struggle with.

  7. LOL! Yeah thats me!! So any suggestions for a ceatine and protein brand?

  8. Quote Originally Posted by wjr View Post
    LOL! Yeah thats me!! So any suggestions for a ceatine and protein brand?
    Again depends on your budget. If you are on slim budget go with Optimum Nutrition(ON) for protein needs. They make both good Whey and Casein and you can find them out right here at NP.

    For Creatine the simplest, most efficient, is Creatine Monohydrate. You can get the powdered version. Then you can try some pre-workout drinks which normally has Creatine. Ragnarok, NO-Xplode, NO-Shotgun, Vasocharge, MAN Clout etc are all good.

  9. I use creatine ethyl ester HCL powder and I really like it...some people don't though. Optimum Nutrition protein is all you need...it's the best cheap protein that I know of and it's all I use for a protein supp. I use whey post w/o and casein at night...sometimes ill blend them and have a shake in the P.M. as well. I take in 300g protein/day and have gone higher while trying to bulk up. Try to get at least 40g protein per meal, not including shakes. I feel like this has really helped me in the past 6 months.


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