Weight Loss Stack + XFactor.. thoughts?

  1. Weight Loss Stack + XFactor.. thoughts?

    Whats up men!

    6 months ago I had some kickass results losing weight with: Leviathan Reloaded + DCP.

    a year ago I had some kickass body recomp with XF ( a little strength gain ).

    I wanna make an ultra stack and put all these *****es together!!!

    My question for sage like lifters is this:

    1. Is there a better weight loss stack? My results were killer before.

    2. Is mixing these together a pretty stupid idea? I'd also be on creatine.

    After this stage.. next comes another fun run of IGF + Epistane RAWR

    Opinions please, I'll appreciate even the constructive criticism!


  2. DCP and X Factor may have an awesome synergism. There are a few loggers right now that are logging this exact combo. although most of them have no officially started. TTA and ArA show great success in dropping BF%. I may consider adding in a BCAA/EAA product (xtend, core ABC, IntrAbolic, Vendetta, Ice....etc,)

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