How to Stack Anabolic Extreme Products with Applied Nutriceutical product???

  1. Cool How to Stack Anabolic Extreme Products with Applied Nutriceutical product???

    Good Evening Everone:

    I have some leftover products from my last stacks:

    Anabolic Extreme Products: Mass Fx, Hyperdrol, Trisorbagen,
    Retain2 and PCT

    Applied Nutriceuticals Product: Drive

    How can I stack these products together for their maximum benefit????


  2. Oooh...a stacking and dosage question. Yay!!

    As an example, I'm using my workout time of ya go:

    Wake-up: 1 R2, 1 MFX, 1 HX2, 1 Trisorb, 2-3 Drive
    Noon: 1 R2, 1 MFX, 1 HX2, 1 Trisorb
    Pre-w/o: 2 MFX, 2-3 Drive, 1 Trisorb
    Pre-bed: 2 HX2, 1 R2

    What about aPCT??? Hold onto it. You do NOT need it with this stack! No prohormones found here (unless AppNut stuck something in, which I doubt cause I trust 'em!)

    Caution: Lots of Forslean floating around here and some may be sensitive to it. Start at lower doses and work your way up.

    P.S. - Anabolic Xtreme
    -RecoverBro Zombie Specialist and Paracord Wrangler
    -Independent due to lies that hurt my family. Loyal to myself and my Bro's.

  3. to be more specific on the work your way up, since it will be easiest to do it this way, day 1 + 2 skip drive, day 3-5 take it as 1 wakeup, one prewo, day 5-8 take 2 each time, then day 9 take 3/3. if at any of those points you start to have digestive tract issues, kick back down to the prior level for a few more days then try raising again.

    you may not experience issues, its just a worthwhile precaution if you don't want to spend all day

  4. Good posts above. Sounds like a mean stack too.

  5. why dont you tell us how many caps of each you have first



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