Mass Stack supplements? Pro-anabolics??

  1. Mass Stack supplements? Pro-anabolics??

    I am 18 years old, my weight approximately 185lbs, and stand at around 5'10". I am trying to regain the strength and size i had during my football season. I have been lifting for around 2-3 years in a serious state of mind. I currently enlisted into the USMC and I am looking to gain some bulk before boot camp in a couple months.

    My nutrition is great and right on target consisting of 5-6 meals high in protein, caloric, and unsaturated fat intake. I have taken many supplements such as creatine, nitric oxide, multivitamins, BCAA's, glutamine, and so on..

    As of testosterone boosting products Ive taken Nitro T3 and Viraloid in the summer, which brought to me great results and no decrease in libido nor any other negative side affects other than some acne.

    I am currently considering on supplements such as MassFX, Hyperdrol X2, Diesel Test, E-BOL, X-factor, Activate, pSARM, and some others to be stacked with creatine, nitric oxide, multivitamin, aminos, and ect.

    Considering I am 18 years old and have my limits trying to keep the product's ingredients and affects as natural as possible, Not wanting anything containing synthetic compounds. PLEASE enlighten me on the products you would recommend and compare the results you've had.


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