Stack for lean mass!!!!!!

  1. Stack for lean mass!!!!!!

    Alright, I have decided to sell my mass tabs to my buddy and go with another route. I am doing this stack in april to prepare for the summer, so it will be very lean and dry.

    My stats: 22, 6'0, 205lbs, 14% bf
    Previous PH's: Methyl-E, Propadrol, Trenaplex, 1,4-ADD, Trenadrol.

    Here are my options:
    Epidrol + Xtreme Tren + Trisorbagen - 4 weeks
    Epidrol + SUS 500 + Trisorbagen - 4 weeks
    Methyl E (2 bottles) + Propadrol - 6 weeks
    H-drol (2 bottles) + Xtreme Tren - 5 weeks
    H-drol (2 bottles) + SUS 500 - 5 weeks
    H-drol (2 bottles) + Propadrol - 5 weeks

  2. wrong section, but i think Epidrol/Propadrol would be awesome for a recomp/cut

    what are ur goals?

  3. Oh sorry about that, I saw the steroid section, but I figure it was for anabolic steroids only. Can the mod move this to the right section?. Thanks. My goals is to lose bf, while gaining around 10lbs of muscle.

  4. Those are AAS; legality does not determine whether or not they are.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

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