Mass FX stack to the new Mass FX

  1. Mass FX stack to the new Mass FX

    I'am about to finish my Retain 2 Hyperdrol x2 and Mass FX stack cycle in about 2 weeks. I'am looking to take the new mass fx strength right after, though I hear the mass fx is only effective for 8 weeks then you need to be off it a month. Question is should I finish my cycle now, wait a month then get on the new mass fx and hyperdrolx2 and retain 2 cycle again, or just go straight into the new mass fx after my stack now. I only bring this up due to the new Mass FX's cycle suggestions which is 12 weeks but they recomend you take it the first 4 then the last 4 weeks. Thanks a bunch, anything else I should add to my new stack holla at cha boy.

  2. forgot to add, should I take a beta alanine and creatine along with my stacks? Or take it easy on my cheering for my kidneys but I dont know much about stacking with beta alanines and creatines, thanks again!

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