Iforce Massive Stack

  1. Iforce Massive Stack

    I took my first pills this morning just curious to how ya'll thought about this stack.
    iForce 1,4 AD BOLD 200,
    iForce Testabolan,
    iForce MethaDROL,
    BCS Labs Formadex, I'm also on a mass gaining diet getting about 350 grams of protein around 60-70 grams of fat and roughly 3500 calories I was just curious if anyone had experimented with their products:bb:

  2. Are you using the BCS Form as your post cycle therapy?

  3. you might get better answers in the STEROID forum.

  4. BigBama - I'm not sure if anyone will shed any light on that stack... I think the general consensus of AMS supplements are that they are worthless. I'm just curious if he is simply going to run the BCS Form as a post cycle therapy, or if he is actually using it while on the other 3 supplements.

    Also - what are the doses you are taking, livin?

    Quote Originally Posted by Big BAMA View Post
    you might get better answers in the STEROID forum.

  5. O.K. SO what are your stats also, Height, weight, Age?

  6. Looks like a solid waste of money.

  7. O.K. SO what are your stats also, Height, weight, Age?

  8. There isn't a single AMS product in that stack, personally I find the bold a little underdosed in the stack and the PCT a little too short but not bad. I actually ran Bold solo for eight weeks at 600 mg's ED which to some might consider to be a little low but I started at 210 pounds and wound up at 224 pounds after my last AI dosage. The methadrol might accelerate your gains and the testabolan might make you want to procreate still as the bold completely murdered my sex drive after a time. 6-oxo made me feel normal again but damn was my girl pissed... at least for a while.

  9. Yeah I've never used anything besides real gear so these PH's are kind of confusing to me I don't know where i need to go or what I need to take or anything..but yea the BCS is my PCT hopefully this wasnt a complete waste of money

  10. I have actually used the Iforce Stack,

    Bold, Methadrol and Testabolan and gt some real good gains about 10 lbs on a 6 week cycle. Methdarol has a nice drying agent in it so there is very little water retention.

    Will prob use it again in a few weeks for an 8-12 weeks stack this time. I have heard they are coming out with their own all inclusive PCT which should be very good!


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