Mass building stack?

  1. Mass building stack?

    I am 18 years old and weigh 160 lbs. I am looking to build mass and I was wondering which is the best stack to help me achieve this. I am also hoping to burn a little bit of extra fat to look more ripped and be able to see my abs. I already purchased Cyto Gainer and Animal Stak and have been looking at supps such as RPM, Drive, X-Factor, P-Slin, PowerFULL, and Anabolic Pump. Which way should I go? Any help is appreciated.

  2. anyone?

  3. vitamins, protein and solid workout routine is all you need right now. You will get good results from that.

  4. Cytogainer, AnabolicPump and RPM would be my thoughts. I love Cytogainer, am on AP now and like it, RPM everyone likes(i was a non-responder) and if you have the money toss in Drive as they are synergistic.
    AP and Pslin are essentially the same basis of idea. I got AP casue it was on sale, I plan to try Pslin eventually. Many like it better it seems.

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