Liquid Form Fish Oil

  1. Liquid Form Fish Oil

    Looking for some recommendations for Liquid form Fish Oil. What brands do you guys like? What do you not like?

  2. I like barleans because they are the actual manufacturer of there product.

  3. I liked Carlson's for awhile, before I started megadosing. Too expensive.

    Welcome to the board, didn't realize it was your first post. There have been a few articles recently on liquid fish oil. You could try the search button and see if there have been any in depth conversations on it recently.

    As for me I've only tried the Carlson's liquid but have heard good things about Nordic Naturals and Barleans.
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  4. Quote Originally Posted by Ev52 View Post
    I like barleans because they are the actual manufacturer of there product.
    Barlean's is the best one I've used. The orange flavor is very good. I used to use mostly Vitamin shop brand, but the Barlean's is just so much more palatable.

  5. Thanks guys. I've seen some of the articles posted here, just wanted to get some input from those who've had good results with specific brands.

  6. vitamin shoppe house brand is cheap as dirt, particularly when they do their buy 1 get one 50% off


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