Flexibility supplements

  1. Flexibility supplements

    The internet is full of information on supplements for increasing mass and strength, but I've never heard of one that could aid in flexibility training. It's funny, because everyone wants big, sexy muscles, but flexibility and mobility are more important as we get older for over all heath. Plus, someone like me benefits from extreme flexibility.

    Has anyone ever heard of such a thing? (I'm not looking for stretching programs, I know about Yoga, PNF as well as metaphysical stretching)

  2. flexibility is also good for experimental sex positions.

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    i would think fish oil would. I know it helps my joints out when taken along with glucosomine which would in turn help with flexibility. I take upwards of 6g per day and my joints feel much better than when just taking glucosomine alone.

  4. One thing to remember is that there is a difference between elasticity in the muscle and the ligaments/tendons. BJ Penn's crazy flexibility comes from his unusual elasticity in his connective tissues. One of the best ways to increase the ROM of the fascia is to do DC type stretches after training that specific muscle. The fascia is already warm and has been stretched from training and this is the time that you will usually be the most flexible.
    M.Ed. Ex Phys

  5. I would think taurine would help some what. It helps to elevate cramping for me, so it may be benificial.

  6. Quote Originally Posted by hrdgain81 View Post
    I would think taurine would help some what. It helps to elevate cramping for me, so it may be benificial.
    by elevate do you mean alleviate?

  7. hahah yeah, something like that. I was a spelling B champion in 4th grade, dont know what happened after that.


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