Supplement stacking help...need opinions.

  1. Supplement stacking help...need opinions.


    Age 22
    Height 6'6
    Weight 225
    BF 11.10%

    Have 3 options I'm looking at...through doing research and looking on these forums I have come to these stackings

    1) MassFX Hyperdol Retain 2
    2) Mass Extreme Tren Xcelsor
    3) MassFX Xfactor

    Need opinions on which would be a great and safe cycle. Which would need a PCT and which to take.


    giGain a solid 10 to15lbs of muscle. Also really lwan down...I'am ripped by nature but I want to get very ripped to say the least. Any info on that would be appreciated. Thanks

  2. Bump...if I'm posting in the wrong section someone tell me and ill to the forums...if not still lookin for opinions

  3. How long have you been lifting and what do you take currently?

  4. Sorry didn't mention that...

    I've been lifting since freshmen year of highschool. Begining of my Junior year I started with a sports specific trainer (eddie taubense was my lifting partner) because I was highly recruited in basketball. I'm now graduating college. I've been on cellmass for 2 cycles before that - was taking now but diet and protein. I'm a smart weight lifter....not extremely savy in the newer supplements though. Currently lift Mon-Fri and rec ball tuesdays and thursdays. Hope this helps.

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