How to Stack/Use both PowerFull and Igf-2?

  1. How to Stack/Use both PowerFull and Igf-2?

    I have 2 bottles of PowerFull and a bottle of Igf-2 (Applied Nutriceuticals).
    Want to know how best to use both for a 205 of guy...wantit to reduce bodyfat, enhance strength and reduce joint pain.
    thanks so much!

  2. Hey man, sorry I didn't see this earlier. I would honestly use them in sepearate stacks rather than together. But if you are set on using them together, I would just do half the reccomended dosage on both for your bodyweight. If you used full dosage of both you may become too sluggish because of the amount of L-Dopa from them. Hope this helps, maybe Mullet will chime in here as well.

  3. Thank You.
    I want to get away from prohormone related products and their side effects and am looking to GH type products, although many have said oral GH supps are 'worthless'...these two look good tho.
    Also want the joint relief benefits usually associated with GH.
    I'll stick with the Igf-2 for a month and see how it goes

  4. Definetly man, keep us updated! Much better than the prohormone route in my opinion.

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